Drew Stubbs, Ryan Raburn, And The Indians’ Right Field Situation

Drew StubbsIt’s no secret that the Cleveland Indians are always looking at ways to cut even the most modest of unnecessary costs. The latest player at risk of being let go by the Tribe due to budgetary concerns is Drew Stubbs. After it was originally thought that Stubbs would be a non-tender candidate, Buster Olney reported ($) that several teams are knocking at the Tribe’s door in an effort to acquire Stubbs. Continue reading


Marlon Byrd And Free Agent Overpays

Marlon ByrdThe annual General Managers and Owners Meetings are underway in Orlando, which means baseball’s Hot Stove is beginning to heat up. The first big name off the board is Marlon Byrd, who agreed to a two year, reported $16 million deal with the Philadelphia Ruben Amaros (also, I still can’t believe I used ‘Marlon Byrd’ and ‘big name’ in the same sentence). Even before the dollar figure was announced there was a “swift reaction on twitter” to denounce the signing as an overpay. Continue reading

Scott Kazmir And Qualifying Offers

Scott KazmirOne of the allures of arguing about baseball is that fans can no longer, for lack of a better term, pull arguments out of their respective asses. With the wealth of readily available statistical data, anyone who offers an argument based purely on conjecture can be disproven with just a few clicks of a mouse. Continue reading

Lonnie Chisenhall And The Tribe’s Third Base Conundrum

Cleveland Indians third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall (27)It’s not easy being a small market team in Major League Baseball. It requires extra diligence through every decision, as one wrong move could hamstring the franchise for years to come (coughTRAVISHAFNERcough). It also means that a team like the Cleveland Indians needs to be more creative than their competitors when it comes to getting the most bang for their buck. In other words, it’s imperative that the Indians devise some creative solutions for holes in the roster as opposed to simply spending their way out of trouble. Continue reading

Why The Tribe Should Hold On To Asdrubal Cabrera For 2014


This has been one of my favorite MLB postseasons to watch in recent memory. The four LCS teams (Dodgers, Cardinals, Red Sox, and Tigers) all boasted impressive combinations of talented lineups, deep starting rotations, and shutdown bullpens. But, as always, I’m viewing the playoffs through my Tribe-colored glasses, and the one conclusion I keep coming back to regarding my favorite team is this: The four LCS teams are significantly more talented than the Tribe.

Now, this isn’t to fault the Indians’ front office. They’ve done a fantastic job over the past year of putting this team in a position to be playing October baseball (and doing so on a much tighter budget than the aforementioned teams).  But at the same time, the reality is that this roster still needs work to join the upper echelon of major league teams.

That’s why…

(Hold on, let me put on my TV talking head face)… Continue reading